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Project Details:

Updated: 8/21/19 

Posted: 7/24/19 

A large sinkhole formed in early June at Guinotte Avenue and Shelly St. in the East Bottoms. The cause of the sinkhole was in part due to heavy rains and saturated ground levels, in addition to the failure of several pressurized utility lines. Currently, the utility companies involved in the repair are managing the work, permitted by the Public Works Department. Contact information for the various utilities is listed below. 

Businesses are open during construction. 

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Repair Timeline: 

This is a multiple utility repair.

  • The energy company Veolia will drill four, 90-foot micro piles into the ground once the pier location is redrawn and the support slab is redesigned due to challenges this week with fitting the drill rig in the correct spot. Drilling is anticipated to start next week, pending no additional issues. Work is anticipated to wrap up in 5-6 weeks.
  • KCP&L is working in conjunction with Veolia to regrade existing power lines and is estimated to be done in about 5 weeks. 
  • Water services is estimated to be completed with storm, water, and sanitary sewer 3-4 weeks after Veolia, Spire, and KCP&L are done with their repairs.
  • The water main will be designed in house and repaired by a contractor
  • Replacement of the sewer main is approximately 60 linear feet of 18-inch diameter pipe
  • Road reconstruction will take approximately a week after the utility repairs are completed.
  • Weekly utility coordination meetings will be every Tuesday starting 7/30/19 

We anticipate the repairs to be completed in approximately two-three months, weather permitting. 

Project Contacts:

Veolia North America

Jim Miller, Director of Business Development

Veolia Energy

Phone: (816) 889-4909


John Mink, Communications Manager


Phone: (816) 472-3769

KC Water

Heather Frierson, Media Relations Coordinator

Water Services Department– Kansas City, Mo.

Phone: (816) 513-0280


Carol Macken, Community Business Manager

Kansas City Power and Light

Phone: (816) 556-2809

KCMO Public Works

Maggie Green, Public Information Officer

Public Works Department– Kansas City, Mo.

Phone: (816) 513-2612

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