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LED light upgrade in the Bartle Hall Tunnel

Post Date:07/26/2019 11:24 AM



You might have noticed things are a little brighter in the tunnel that runs under Bartle Hall these days. This is because we have upgraded the LED lights.

This installation, which was completed several weeks ago, was necessary to meet federal highway lighting standards for tunnels and was part of KCMO’s federal requirements with the Missouri Department of Transportation. The Public Works Streetlights Division continues to work with the contractor to refine the new LED system.

Why are the lights so bright?
The LED tunnel lights are designed to be brighter during the day to simulate and optimize outside conditions and to require minimal visual adjustment when entering and exiting the tunnel.

Why are they not all on at the same time?
The lighting system has dimming controls to switch lights on and off based on sensor readings of light levels — whether it is sunny, cloudy, nighttime or daytime.

Additionally, the fixtures are designed to alternate so they are not all operating continuously. This not only helps with efficiency and power use, but also extends the life of the light fixtures. We do not need them all on at night, so some are scheduled to shut off every other night.

What are the benefits?

  • Lighting meets federal requirements
  • Improved visibility and safety
  • Better color rendition, energy efficiency, and longer lifespan

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