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Interact with 311 Using Twitter FAQs

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The City of Kansas City, Mo., created a KCMO 311 Twitter account (@KCMO311) specifically as an additional means of request for City services or to report a problem with City services. Please include an exact location of issue. This account is monitored 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday.

  • What is Twitter?

    Twitter is a free social messaging service that allows you to send quick, 140-character messages via SMS, its website and third-party applications. The messages sent are called tweets.

    You can now use Twitter to send service request (pothole repairs, graffiti removal, damaged signs, etc.) tweets to @KCMO311, which is maintained by the City of Kansas City, Mo 311 Call Center.

    When reporting a problem, please provide as much information as possible including the address or nearest intersection of the problem.

    If you need a free Twitter account, sign up at

  • I am signed up on Twitter. How do I follow @KCMO311?

    Once you are signed up on Twitter or if you already have an existing account, go to and click the "follow" button to start following our account.

  • Can everyone see my tweets to @KCMO311?

    Twitter is designed to be an open network so everyone can be kept up-to-date about issues. While residents can privately send information to @KCMO311 by using Twitter’s “direct message” function, they should be aware that all tweets are considered public information – including direct messages – and may be subject to public disclosure in accordance with the Missouri Sunshine Law, Chapter 610.

  • How do I send a private (direct) or public message to @KCMO311?

    Add "d KCMO311" before a message (without the quotes) to make it a direct (private) message or add "@KCMO311" before a message (without the quotes) to send it as a public message

    In order to communicate on Twitter between two people using direct messages, both users must be following each other.

  • Can I attach photos or links to my Twitter message?

    Within most third-party Twitter clients, you can attach photos to your message. On Twitter, you can click in the Compose new Tweet box and an option to add an image (camera icon) will display. Click on this icon to add a picture. Adding a picture to your tweet about a service request or issue is really helpful to us so we can identify the exact location where something is being reported.

  • What type of problems should I report to @KCMO311?

    Some examples of problems you can report to @KCMO311 are broken parking meters, potholes, damaged or missing signs, etc.

  • What time frame can I expect for a response?

    Tweets will be responded to within one business day. Please note, Twitter should not be used for emergency situations. In emergencies, please call 911.

    You can check the status of your service request number once it is assigned to you in a response tweet.

  • What are some examples of helpful Twitter messages I can send to @KCMO311?

    Public Messages:

    @KCMO311 NE 110th and N Manchester Ave is missing street signs. Only pole is there.
    @KCMO311 There is a triangular median located on NE 111th Ter near North Woodland ave that is in desperate need of being snow plowed.
    @KCMO311 Will there be brush pick up in Brookside for broken branches or should we arrange for private pick up? Couldn’t find info on city site.

    Private (Direct) Message:

    d KCMO311 We need a snow plow at 2345 S. Smith Road. Thank you.