City Hall Observation Deck Tour Information

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To make a reservation to visit the rooftop observation deck at the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s City Hall building, please contact (816) 513-2689.

We want you to enjoy your visit with us. In order to maintain a safe and secure environment please note the following:

The observation deck is open to visitors and guests:

  • Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Weather permitting. The deck is closed during rain, snow, high winds or when it’s colder than 35 degrees.
  • It is recommended that school and civic groups make a reservation to visit the observation deck.
  • For groups with children (under 10 years old) the recommended ratio is one adult for every five children.
  • Is not available for social events like parties or weddings.
  • Large groups should call 816-513-2689 at least 30 minutes prior to arrival.
  • Large groups arriving by bus should unload on Oak Street, between 11th & 12th Streets and enter City Hall via the entrance next to the overhead door.
  • Visitors entering City Hall must be screened for weapons just like entering an airport.
  • To expedite the security screening, visitors in large groups should place all metallic items (phones, cameras, coinage) within a clear plastic bag that will then be examined by x-ray.

Visitors over the age of 16 must have identification (driver’s license, school identification or passport).

Visitors are reminded:

  • The observation deck is not handicap accessible (no building elevators access the 30th floor).
  • Tours begin on the 28th floor of City Hall, visitors must be able to climb a total of 120 steps; up (60) and down (60).
  • Visitors will be escorted by security personnel.
  • Children must be under the continual control of an adult.
  • No one is allowed to sit, stand or lean over the exterior protective wall or the light bar on the observation deck.

Pictures and video devices are permitted.

Kite, model airplane flying and throwing of items (pennies, paper, confetti, model airplanes, food products, coins, paper items and trash) is strictly prohibited. Inappropriate behavior will result in an immediate end of the tour.

Smoking and/or the use of tobacco products is prohibited.
photo of KCMO taken from the observation deck of City Hall

City Hall Observation Deck Tour Information
Photo taken from the City Hall observation deck; Photo by Mike Severo.