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Brandon Ellington

Mr. Ellington is currently serving his first term as the Third District at-Large City Councilman. He serves on the Neighborhood, Planning, and Development Committee, and on the Special Committee on Housing Policy, where Mayor Lucas has appointed him as Vice-Chair.

Brandon Ellington was first elected to the House of Representatives in a November, 2011 special election.
During his time in the House of Representatives, Ellington has served as the Democratic Whip (2019), Chairman of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus (2015-2017), the Vice-Chairman of the Missouri Legislative Black Caucus (2013-2015) Ellington is actively involved in the community by working with food pantries, starting programs to initiate neighborhood cleanup, mentorship, elderly assistance and community outreach, and coaching youth basketball. He is the cofounder of several non-profits.

Ellington is dedicated to being an advocate for the underprivileged and disenfranchised. He has introduced legislation proposing full decriminalization of marijuana-related offenses in the state of Missouri and supports legislation that expunges the records of those charged with marijuana-related offenses. Councilman Ellington also supports the immediate release of those incarcerated for marijuana-related offenses, should decriminalization pass.

Mr. Ellington resides in Kansas City with his wife Natasha and three beautiful children. He is a 1999 graduate of Paseo High School and attended MCC-Penn Valley and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.