Mayor Lucas Ordinances

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Juvenile Gun Ordinance, 190664

Amending Chapter 50, Code of Ordinances, by enacting one new section 50-273 relating to the unlawful possession of a handgun by a minor.

Adult Gun Ordinance, 190661

Amending Chapter 50, Code of Ordinances, by enacting one new section 50-272 relating to the unlawful transfer of a firearm to a minor.

Transparency Ordinance, 190791

Directing the City Manager to develop an Administrative Regulation to facilitate transparency in all board and commission meetings by requiring that meeting minutes for all boards and commissions established by City Charter, Ordinance, or Resolution be posted to the City’s website for accessibility to the public; requiring that such boards and commissions provide agendas for all meetings to the City Clerk; and directing the City Clerk to post these meeting minutes and agendas.

Conversion Therapy Ordinance, 190902

Amending Chapter 50 of the Code of Ordinances to protect the physical and psychological well-being of minors, including but not limited to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or questioning youth, from exposure to the serious harms and risks caused by conversion therapy or reparative therapy by licensed providers.

Domestic Violence Gun Ordinance, 190920

Amending Chapter 50, Code of Ordinances, by enacting one new section 50-274 relating to the unlawful carrying of concealed firearms in the City by persons who are subject to a restraining order or convicted of domestic violence and the firearm they are in receipt of has been shipped or transported in interstate commerce as prohibited by federal law.

Rental Housing Assistance (Tenants Rights) Ordinance, 190935

Amending various sections of Chapter 2, “Administration,” Chapter 34, “Health and Sanitation,” Chapter 38 “Human Relations”, and Chapter 78, “Water,” of the Code of Ordinances for the purposes of creating a Rental Housing Assistance Operating Unit, modifying healthy homes enforcement, expanding housing discrimination enforcement, and authorizing the request for water usage reports; and amending the Code of Ordinances by enacting a new Chapter 35, “Housing,” which sets out the responsibilities of the Rental Housing Assistance Operating Unit.


Emerging Technology Board Resolution, 190838

Establishing the Emerging Technology Board to replace and expand on the work of the Smart City Advisory Board.

Tenants Bill of Rights Resolution, 190934

Establishing a Tenants Bill of Rights in the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

Travois B, Elizabeth Bland Glynn and Phil Glynn Resolution, 190892

Honoring Travois, Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth Bland Glynn and President Philip Glynn for receiving Certified B Corporation® Best For The World 2019 status from global nonprofit B Lab in two categories: Overall and Customers.

Priorities Relating to The Missouri General Assembly, 190968

Establishing the City of Kansas City’s legislative major priorities and positions on matters for the 2020 session of the Missouri General Assembly.

Priorities Relating to The United States Congress, 190967

Establishing the City of Kansas City’s legislative priorities and positions on matters that may come before the 116th United States Congress in 200.


TIF Board, 190932

Consenting to the appointments of Alissia Canady, Lee Barnes, Andrea Bough, Pam Mason, Ryana Parks-Shaw, Tammy Queen as members and Jane Brown, Phil Glynn, Bobby Hernandez, Michael McGee, Matt Oates, and Jeffrey Williams as alternate members of the Tax Increment Financing Commission of Kansas City, Missouri.

Visit KC, 190931

Consenting to the appointments of Teresa Loar, Kevin O’Neill, Melissa Robinson, Rodney Bland, Earnest Rouse, Mike Cappo, Allen Dietrich, Nia Richardson, Kris Riddell, Maria Salcedo, and Lylette Utz and the reappointments of Kevin Pistilli and Riccardo Lucas to the board of directors of the Kansas City Conventions and Visitors Association doing business as Visit KC.


Border War Ordinance, 190793

Establishing a 10-year term limit for property tax abatements offered for jobs relocating from certain Kansas counties to the City.

Port KC, 191024

Amending Resolution No. 47523, which created a local port authority, for the purpose of designating specific port districts.