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FY 2020 Reports

Monthly Report on Work in Progress (January 2020)

City Auditor's monthly report of projects in progress. 

Implementation Status of Audit Recommendations Fiscal Years 2015 – 2019  (December 2019)

Administrative report summarizing management’s progress towards implementing audit recommendations we made in Fiscal Years 2015 through 2019.  View Implementation Status of Audit Recommendations report highlights.

Visit KC Can Improve Reporting to City and Address Conflict of Interest Issues  (November 2019)

Audit evaluating performance and financial data Visit KC provides to the city.  View Visit KC report highlights.

 Guidance Needed to Manage City's Use of Drones (October 2019)

Audit determining whether the city has guidance for purchasing and operating drones.  View Drone report highlights.

Retroactive Pay Adjustments: Employees Deserve Timely Pay Increases (August 2019)

Audit evaluating causes for retroactive pay adjustments and the adequacy of controls over these adjustments.  View Retroactive Pay Adjustments report highlights

Governance Assessment 2019 (August 2019)

Audit reviewing governance practices of city boards and commissions.  This audit is performed approximately every four years. View Governance Assessment report highlights.


Improvements in Water Meter Testing Needed (May 2019)

Audit examining whether Water Services appropriately tests and replaces water meters to ensure meter accuracy.  View Water Meter Testing report highlights .


FY 2019 Reports

GOkc Sidewalk Repair Program Could Be Improved (April 2019)

This audit focused on the Public Works Department's GOkc Sidewalk Repair Program's first year of operation and whether its practices and observable outcomes could be improved.  View GOkc Sidewalk Repair Program report highlights.


Parking Garage Investment Needs Planning, Coordination with Transportation Goals (March 2019)

This audit focused on whether the investment of public funds in parking garages supported the city's transportation strategies for greater downtown. This audit was initiated in response to audit suggestions submitted by members of the public. View Parking Garage report highlights.


Addressing IT Network Vulnerabilities (November 2018)

The objective of this audit was to determine whether the IT Division was addressing identified network vulnerabilities appropriately.  Because this report is a closed record under RSMo Section 610.021(21), we cannot provide any details about our findings or recommendations.


City Should Incorporate Previously Recommended Contract Selection Practices into Written Procedures (September 2018)

This audit focused on whether contract selection practices previously recommended by the City Auditor's Office had been incorporated into citywide, written policies and procedures.  View Contract Selection Practices report highlights.


Control Gaps Leave Water's Storeroom Inventory Vulnerable to errors, Loss, and Theft (August 2018)

This audit focused on the adequacy of the Water Services' controls over storeroom inventories and evaluated the department's processes for managing and controlling about $8 million in storeroom inventory assets. View Water Storeroom Inventory report highlights.


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