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Under our council-manager form of government, the city manager is responsible for making city services run efficiently and economically.

The city manager serves and advises the mayor and City Council, appoints most department directors and prepares a proposed annual budget for council consideration. The manager also enforces municipal laws and ordinances and coordinates City operations and programs.

The City Manager’s Office provides staff support services to the City Council and its committees and coordinates the development and analysis of policy recommendations presented to the mayor and City Council.

The City Manager’s Office includes several offices that provide critical citywide services to our residents.

These offices each operate as a division within The City Manager’s Office, with a specific budget, a manager who reports to the City Manager, and its own mission, vision, goals, objectives, and performance measures:

The City Manager’s Office also houses the Internal Auditor’s office and handles special projects such as city coordination of large events like a World Series celebration.

About the City Manager

Earnest Rouse has been designated the City's acting City Manager.