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Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund (NTDF) Program

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The Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund (NTDF) program provides support to non-profit organizations through contracts for services, established by State law in 1989 to help promote Kansas City’s distinct and diverse neighborhoods through cultural, social, ethnic, historic, educational and recreational activities in conjunction with promoting the city as a premier convention, visitor and tourist center.

The tourism and convention industry contributes $4.6 billion in direct expenditures to the Kansas City metropolitan area’s economy. Kansas City receives about 22.3 million U.S. visitors annually. The city’s top activities are shopping, fine dining, gaming, sightseeing, cultural attractions, sports events and exhibits/festivals. The Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund plays a significant role in these activities.

The City of Kansas City, Missouri accepts applications from qualified nonprofit organizations to support programs that meet the state and local requirements. Applications are accepted on an annual and quarterly basis.

The Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund was authorized by the 85th General Assembly of the State of Missouri; Senate bills No. 295 and 312 authorized local governments to submit for voter approval a convention and tourist tax. Following the passage of the local convention and tourism tax, the City then passed an ordinance in 1995 establishing the rules and guidelines for the program in Kansas City. The City Council establishes the plan for the administration of the neighborhood tourist development fund in the Code of Ordinances: Section 2-931: Neighborhood Tourist Development Committee.

Rules and Regulations

The Committee consists of fifteen members—three appointed by the Mayor and one appointed by each of the twelve members of City Council.  The Committee is authorized to adopt reasonable Rules and Regulations governing the form, method and  procedures used in the recommendation on the disbursement of Neighborhood Tourist Development Funds, and for the conduct and administration of its affairs.

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