NTDF Eligibility

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Prior to applying to the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund (NTDF), organizations must meet the following requirements:

State and City Requirements
In accordance with state and city requirements, funds shall be available to not-for-profit neighborhood organizations which are incorporated in the state and located within city limits. Organizations must also meet the following criteria in order to be considered eligible for funding:

  1. Organizations must demonstrate that they encourage broad based citizen input and participation. This fund is intended to assist groups and activities/projects as defined below, as well as umbrella organizations and development corporations which meet these same state and local requirements.
  2. Organizations must conform to all the provisions of the City Manager’s administrative regulations setting forth the procedures, consistent with federal and state law, the City Charter, and the Code of Ordinances, for entering into contracts with non-municipal agencies.
  3. Organizations must be located by physical address in the city limits of Kansas City, MO.

Activity/Project Requirements
Proposed projects must promote a neighborhood through cultural, social, ethnic, historic, educational, and recreational activity in conjunction with promoting Kansas City as an international trade, convention, visitors and tourist center. Activities may occur as one-time events, annual events or series of events.

The proposed activity/project must also meet the following requirements:

  • Must take place within city limits and should have appeal to local residents as well as to tourists;
  • Should be open to the general public and marketed broadly to attract persons who would not otherwise plan to be in Kansas City, as well as interest those who are visiting for other purposes;
  • Capital projects may be considered if such projects are consistent with all other guidelines herein, and if funding for the planning, maintenance, and staffing of the capital projects from sources other than the NTDF are outlined in the applications;
  • Proposals that include advertising are encouraged. Such advertising may take the form of brochures, advertisements in travel literature, electronic presentations, social media, etc. All publicity and advertising must include reference to the city and credit the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund as a funding source;
  • Those proposals, designed to generate funds, that might alleviate the need for future city subsidy are preferred; and
  • In order to maximize tourist participation, projects that have been coordinated with the convention and tourism industry are encouraged.

Ineligible activities/projects

  • Programming that does not clearly appeal or marketed broadly to local, residents, tourists and visitors;
  • Projects that reflect or enhance political parties, candidates or political office holders;
  • Proposals that request funds to supplant operating costs that are currently publicly supported;
  • Routine, ongoing activities of neighborhood organizations and home associations;
  • Proposals that provide for the maintenance of capital projects, including tourist attractions;
  • Activities/projects that already receive NTDF funding within the same fiscal year;
  • Previously completed activities/projects; and
  • Programs and/or services of organizations that benefit other cities or regions.

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