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The Office of Economic Development is responsible for:
  • Assisting the City Manager in executing City Council’s vision for economic development
  • Implementing economic development policies and programs of the City Council
  • Negotiating and administering various development and cooperative agreements associated with economic development projects
  • Representing the City in conjunction with various economic development organizations and initiatives 
About Us:

The Office of Economic Development centralizes and coordinates a policy-driven and fiscally responsible economic development decision making process for the City of Kansas City, Missouri.  Through leveraging the expertise of multiple departments and community partners to maximize the City’s strategic impact in economic development, the Office of Economic Development serves as a conduit of information between the City, the Economic Development Corporation, and other economic development community partners.

The Office of Economic Development focuses primarily in the areas of:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Incentives Programs/Tools
  • Economic Development Data Analysis
  • Housing Policy
  • Inclusive Development