Questions about Economic Development and Incentives?

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Answers about economic development and incentives:

  • Incentive benefits received only after a project is built or jobs created, not before.
  • Projects are rated using the AdvanceKC scorecard. (link to the new, consolidated AdvanceKC webpage – as noted below in second project)
  • Redevelopment projects over $2 million are subject to additional analysis.
  • New rules passed by the City Council now limit incentives.

Facts about the recent Waddell & Reed office building approval:


  • More public parking downtown on nights and weekends.
  • 900-plus new workers patronizing downtown businesses to start, with 120 more over six years.
  • Full taxes paid after 15 years on an 18-story, $148 million office tower.
  • Almost $870,000 in additional tax revenue paid to the city, net of incentives.
  • Incentives will be pulled back if company fails to bring the jobs promised.

City incentives granted:

  • Developer does not pay 75% of property tax on increased value during first six years, and 37.5% of property tax the next nine years.
  • Construction materials sales tax exemption.
  • 50% of economic activity taxes kept by developer for 15 years. These are applicable earnings, sales and utility taxes. 

For more economic development information:

Visit our Economic Development Corporation to learn about incentive programs and the city’s development agencies.

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Visit KC to see how it has helped generate more than $2 billion in development projects

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