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The Office of Environmental Quality (OEQ) promotes policies that encourage the private sector to preserve and enhance environmental quality and provide regional leadership for the public, private and non-profit sectors on environmental affairs and sustainability.

Vision Statement

A clean city with environmentally sensitive residents who conserve and protect the environment. A city where people can walk places. A sustainable city in which beauty and quality of life are enhanced for future generations.

Mission Statement

To encourage residents to act as stewards of the environment by informing them of individual and corporate choices they can make. Through partnerships, to provide services and opportunities people can use to improve the quality of their environment. To help transform City government into an efficient organization that models environmental stewardship by assisting City departments in performing their operations and managing their facilities in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

What We Do

  • Sustainability- Promote a triple-bottom-line perspective that seeks to simultaneously achieve environmental quality, social equity, and economic vitality in all decisions and actions taken by the City.
  • Environmental Compliance- ensure regulatory compliance in over 300 City facilities by promoting environmental stewardship among all City employees an implementing the City's Environmental Management System (EMS). 

  • OEQ conducts training, provides consulting services, and performs audits for City departments to assist in ensuring compliance with federal/state/local regulations concerning air, water, solid and hazardous waste, storage tanks, and chemical usage.
  • Asbestos and Lead Management Service- Perform asbestos and lead paint inspections for City Departments in renovation and demolition projects. Provide oversight and management of abatement projects as request by various departments.
  • Environmental Liaison- Promote and maintain relationships with external organizations, collaborating with the public and private sectors to preserve and enhance environmental quality.
  • Energy and Water Benchmarking- Ensures compliance of the Energy Empowerment Ordinance; collecting and maintains the energy and water consumption of buildings 50,000 SQFT or greater citywide