Environmental Management Commission

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The Environmental Management Commission shall promote environmental awareness and resource efficiency to the City's elected leaders and staff, to assist the progress of Kansas City toward sustainability.


  1. Review the plans, budgets, programs and actions of the city which substantially impacts the city's environment.
  2. Provide for the preparation of a comprehensive plan for addressing the long term environmental needs of the city.
  3. Monitor the city's actions for compliance with state and federal environmental laws and regulations.


The Environmental Management Commission encourages anyone to observe meetings and to participate in its efforts.

When: Second Wednesday of each month, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

Where: KCMO Health Department - 2400 Troost Ave -- Suite 4600.

NOTE: For questions about the meeting please call 816-513-3452.

Annual Report

Members of the Environmental Management Comission (EMC)

There are 17 members of the EMC, each of whom is appointed by the Mayor for a 3-year term and serves until replaced. Updated June 1, 2019. *Annual conflict of interest disclosure is required for each member

 Commissioner  Liaison To Term of Service
Ms. Carol Adams, Co-Chair  Air Quality Forum; Transportation 2050 Plan  7/31/19
Mr. Bob Berkebile, Co-Chair  Climate Protection Steering Committee  7/31/19
D. Jensen Adams  Education; Waste Management District  8/22/21
Caroline (Molly) Davies  Volker Hub; City Council Airport Committee; KCStat - Neighborhoods and Healthy Communities  8/22/21
Gloria Ortiz Fisher  City Council Housing Committee; KCStat - Housing  8/22/21
Kimberly Hill    8/22/21
Michael Kelley  MARC Sustainable Policy Committee  9/27/21
Scott Klamm  Volker Hub  8/01/21
Julie Koppen    8/22/21
Marty Kraft    8/22/21
Nathan Madden  City Council Neighborhoods & Public Safety Committee  10/08/21
Joseph Nickels
  LEED Standards Committee  10/15/21
Duvel (DJ) Pierre  Housing Policy Task Force  8/22/21
Benjamin Proffer






Would you like to become a member? Apply to become a member of the Environmental Management commission appointed by the Office of the Mayor.