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Area Plans Currently Underway

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Hickman Mills Area Plan 2019

Martin City Area Plan Update 2019

Area Plan Overview

Area plans are prepared for 18 different geographic areas of City approximately every ten years. Area plans recommend strategies to help realize a community’s long term vision for the future and provide a comprehensive framework to guide public decisions on land use, housing, public improvements, community development, and city services.

Area plans provide both proactive strategies (action steps which are outcome driven) and reactive guidelines (evaluation tool to guide future decision making). These plans are used by the City and the Community alike and become an element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Area plans are guided by a range of Citywide planning documents including the FOCUS Kansas City Plan (the City’s comprehensive plan), the Trails KC Plan, and others. The area plan applies the broad citywide policies from these documents to a smaller area of the city, typically at a greater level of detail. Area plans sometimes recommend amendments to these upper level plans, but generally try to work within their policy framework.

Area plans will:

  • Recommend guidelines and strategies related to development, housing, neighborhoods, economic development, transportation, capital improvements, open spaces and urban design.
  • Serve as the “plan of record” for the area and will be fully integrated with other adopted plans resulting in a single, coordinated policy for the area.
  • Build on the foundation of previous planning efforts in the area.

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Be Part of the Process

In order to be successful, an area plan must address the community’s primary issues. Therefore, public participation is essential in preparing an area plan.  The planning process will include interaction with area residents and stakeholders utilizing:

  • Mayoral-appointed Steering Committee composed of residents, neighborhood leaders, property owners, institutions and businesses. The committee will articulate the overall direction and review principles and concepts throughout the planning process.
  • Technical Committee composed of representatives of City departments and other agencies to provide technical expertise and guidance on a range of issues.
  • Interactive public meetings, as well as, additional meetings and presentations with individual neighborhood groups, institutional partners and other area stakeholders.
  • Statistically significant survey of area residents to determine the land use, design, economic, environmental, housing, and infrastructure needs and desires of area residents.
  • Statistically significant survey of area businesses to identify the importance of various issues to businesses and where needs are not being met.  (not utilized in area plan processes)
  • Project web site – The Area plan web pages are utilized to post documents and provide information about the project and upcoming meetings.