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What are Brownfields?

Brownfields are former industrial or commercial properties that are idle or underused due to real or perceived environmental contamination.  Brownfields should not be confused with the highly toxic Superfund sites, which are identified by EPA and will be taken care of by responsible parties.

Why are Brownfields Important?

Some of our best industrial properties are idle or underused. Located close to downtown, these sites feature full access to utilities and infrastructure. Reclaiming urban centers and brownfields is a key part of revitalization and reuse of these sites could generate hundreds of new jobs and millions in tax revenue. The fear of contamination can scare businesses away and there is a perception that brownfield sites can be more complicated than “greenfields” in the sprawling suburbs.

Kansas City Brownfield Initiative (KCBI)

The Kansas City Brownfield Initiative (KCBI) administers the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant that is the first of its kind in Kansas City.  The pilot is sponsored by a diverse group that includes representatives of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri, local governments, the EPA, local business and industry associations, community groups and non-profit community and environmental organizations. The objectives are:

  1. Facilitate at least one successful brownfield redevelopment on each side of the state line to serve as an example and spur further efforts and investment
  2. Build a permanent brownfield redevelopment program in the greater Kansas City area.

Success Story and Program Summary

Helpful Resources

  • Missouri Petroleum Storage Tank Insurance Fund (PSTIF)
    PSTIF Insures people who store petroleum in underground and aboveground tanks so if there’s a leak or a spill, funds are available for cleanup. They also provide funds for cleanup of tank sites where USTs or ASTs were operated in the past, if the property meets certain criteria.