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Codes and Ordinances

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Please Be Advised: The City Planning & Development Department is currently evaluating the periodic update of the Kansas City Building & Rehabilitation Code (KCBRC) – Code of Ordinances Chapter 18.  The KCBRC provides the technical and administrative requirements applicable to private development construction.  The proposed update would adopt the current 2018 edition of the International Building Code, and the other associated codes and standards. Visit the Building Code Update page for more information and draft documents.

Codes and ordinances guide the development of the City and ensure public safety. The City Planning and Development Department manages and regulates the following most common building, zoning and development codes. For building and construction code-related questions, please email the Code Question Hotline at or call (816) 513-1511 or see frequently asked questions.

Zoning and Development Code
Chapter 88 – Addresses zoning and subdivision ordinances. Replaces Chapters 80 and 66, the previous zoning and subdivision ordinances.  Consolidates all land development regulations.

Building and Rehabilitation Code
Chapter 18 – The Kansas City Building and Rehabilitation Code (KCBRC) outlines the minimum requirements for construction within the City of Kansas City, Mo.

Floodplain Management
Chapter 28 – Outlines regulations regarding construction within floodplains within Kansas City, Mo.

Fences and Walls
Chapter 27 – The Fences and Walls Ordinance outlines the minimum requirements for building a fence or wall in the City of Kansas City, Mo.

Travel Trailers and Mobile Homes
Chapter 72 – Standards relating to mobile homes and travel trailers as adopted by the state public service commission pursuant to RSMo ch. 700.

More codes and ordinances information can be found at municode.