Compass KC - The New Permitting System

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Compass KC brings city services to your fingertips. Submit permits and plans and interact with multiple city departments all in one place! Click on the Compass below to start.

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How do I use Compass KC?

We understand, with any new system, comes a learning curve. That’s why we have provided some tutorials for you to get you started with Compass KC and others that you can come back to if you have questions along the way!

Additional Process Tutorials and Information

The following departments and divisions are using the Compass KC system in the current phase, Phase 1. Below each department, specific resources will be added that show processes within Compass KC specific to the associated city departments.

City Planning and Development – Building permits, inspections scheduling, plan reviews, contractor licensing, etc.

  • FAQs: see City Planning and Development Department list of frequently asked questions related to using Compass KC.
  • Homeowner Permit Guide: If you plan to do work on your own property/home without a licensed professional please read this guide.
  • If you prefer an all-encompassing document to walk you through the Compass KC system, a City Planning Process Tutorial can be viewed here: City Planning and Development Compass KC Process Tutorial.
  • Still stuck and want to chat? Call us at 816-513-1500.

Public Works – Excavation, hauling and parking permits as well as traffic control, bicycle rack placement and event-related permits.
Regulated Industries – Visit the Regulated Industries web page for a list of permits.
Parks and Recreation – All park permit services, except the park event and film/photography permit services.
Fire Prevention
Water Services

For general questions about the software, email CompassKC.