The City's Comprehensive Plan- FOCUS

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An Update is Coming!

Please Note: We had originally planned a kickoff event for the Comprehensive Plan update on April 3, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 virus and the associated Stay at Home Order, we had to cancel. We look forward to rescheduling this event later this year.

The City Planning and Development Department is leading an update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This plan sets priorities and guides land development decisions to ensure Kansas City, Missouri is a thriving, people-centered community and a successful model for other American cities to follow for future generations.

As we begin the process to update the plan, we want to involve you! Please sign up below for updates! Stay tuned for more information on how you can be a part of that process and bookmark this page for future updates.

If you have a community meeting or event that you would like for us to attend and make a presentation about the comprehensive plan, or if you would just like some information and a questionnaire that you can disseminate to your community or organization, please contact:

Gerald Williams 816-513-2897
or Morgan Pemberton 816-513-2889

Background and Additional Info on the Current FOCUS Plan

FOCUS (Forging Our Comprehensive Urban Strategy) is Kansas City’s current Comprehensive Plan adopted in October 1997. The City of Kansas City, Missouri and its residents partnered to develop an action plan the entire community can support. The plan sets priorities and guides decisions to assure Kansas City is a thriving, people-centered community and a successful model for other American cities to follow for future generations.

Seven distinct, but interwoven component plans were developed to detail the action steps needed to make the FOCUS vision and policy principles a reality.

Neighborhood self-assessments were performed as a part of the FOCUS process. There were two objectives for neighborhoods during these self-evaluations: to self-identify its neighborhood type from the FOCUS Neighborhood Prototypes Plan and to develop improvement strategies that would direct neighborhood improvement, a “To Do” list/Action Steps incorporating participation by the neighborhood, community partners, and the City.