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Historic Preservation Commission

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The Historic Preservation Commission reviews exterior changes to properties recognized as local landmarks or within local historic districts.  The commission must approve a Certificate of Appropriateness before a building permit is issued for exterior work to ensure that changes or repairs are compatible with the building’s architectural character and complement the historic district or individual landmark.


For the foreseeable future, the commission will meet virtually on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Those interested in participating in the hearing will do so on Zoom. Those interested in simply watching the hearing may do so on our YouTube Channel.


Next Meeting

Subsequent Meetings

What does this mean for residents?

A resident is anyone other than the applicant or member of the applicant’s team, staff, or the commission members.

As a resident, if you want to watch the meeting but do not want to participate you can simply stream it on YouTube from the comfort and safety of your home. If you wish to participate you will be able to do so remotely using the participation links above. If you plan to participate, please see ground rules below.

What does this mean for applicants?

An applicant is the individual that applied (the applicant) or anyone representing the applicant. In some cases, this the property owner, and/or their architect or surveyor or lawyer, or all four (an applicant team).

Applicants must participate remotely by video conference at the participation links available above. If you are unable to participate by Zoom, please let your planner know.

Your hearing will follow the same course as it would during an in-person hearing: Staff Presentation>Applicant Presentation>Public Testimony>Applicant Response>Commission Discussion & Action. When your case is called, you will have the following privileges:

  1. You will be able to be heard by all participants (make sure you have unmuted yourself).
  2. You will be able to be seen by all participants (make sure your device has a camera and that it is functioning).
  3. You will be able to give a PowerPoint presentation if you desire.

Participant Ground Rules

It is important for all participants to keep in mind that public hearings are a special kind of meeting and that there is no video conferencing service specifically developed for public hearings. We are also aware of events which have disrupted public hearings held by video conference. To ensure the hearing functions with minimal interruption and maximum clarity we have established the following ground rules which all participants must follow.

Rules for all Participants

  1. Audio Control Unmute yourself when speaking and mute yourself when not speaking.
  2. Video Control Unless you’ve disabled your video, you will appear on screen when speaking. Please be mindful of what is in your background.
  3. Exhibits The Commission’s rules allow the Commission to admit evidence as exhibits. Typically, this occurs at the hearing with the participant offering a hard copy document or object to the Chair for her review. Because we will be holding hearings virtually a few adjustments must be made. Please read carefully:

a. Exhibits must be emailed to no later than 5 p.m. one business day prior to the scheduled hearing. The email subject line shall reference the case number.

Your exhibits will be collected by staff and provided to the Commission for her consideration in advance of the hearing. If the Commission chooses to admit the exhibit it will be conveyed visually at during the hearing.

b. Any evidence submitted for an exhibit must be a digital file (pdf, jpeg, or a video). Physical objects or similar which cannot be photographed or scanned and emailed cannot be accepted due to the virtual nature of the hearing. If you believe this prevents a fair hearing you may request the commission grant a continuance to a later date; however it is not yet known when we will be able to resume in-person hearings.

Expectations Specific to Applicants

For you to be heard and appear visually before the Board please consider the following:

  1. Identify Applicant Representatives (Required)

    Please provide the first and last name of all representatives of the applicant who will participate in the video conference so that staff is aware and can give you permissions you need to speak and be seen on Zoom.

  2. Provide a Presentation (Optional) Staff offers a presentation on all cases except appeals. If you wish to give a presentation beyond what was provided to staff for the presentation, please provide PowerPoint file (.pptx) or an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf).

*Please provide the above items no later than 8 a.m. one business day prior to the hearing.

How to Apply for Certificate of Appropriateness

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness

As of August 6, 2018, all applications must be submitted through CompassKC. We have provided a step-by-step guide for the CompassKC application process.

Applicants must submit the following:

  1. A succinct description of the project scope
  2. All pertinent plans and elevations (including dimension drawings indicating design, materials, finishes and coloration)
  3. Photographs showing existing conditions
  4. Application fee (varies depending on the scope of work)

Please be as specific as possible to expedite the commission’s review.

It’s critical to observe the deadline and include all necessary information in order to be placed on the docket in a timely manner. Please contact the Historic Preservation Commission office at (816) 513-2902 to discuss your project at any point during the planning phase.

Commission Schedule and Docket Information