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Initiating a project in KCMO? You might need a permit from Land Development.

We come in when you are doing work on any infrastructure that will be owned and maintained by the City, such as streets, sidewalks, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, traffic signals or street lights.  Depending on the nature of your specific project, some documents will be required before we can issue the permit to perform this work.  As you work through the process with the City staff to obtain this permit, here is a list of the documents that may be required:


A Performance Bond or Performance & Maintenance Bond may be requested.  The value of these bonds is based on the construction valuations for the improvements included in your project as provided by your design professional.  If you want to release a plat prior to completing any improvements associated with that plat, a Performance & Maintenance bond is required by City Code.  Street lighting or signal work will always require a Performance bond.  
These bonds need to be provided on the City approved forms.  Please note: the City also requires signed original copies for our records.  We will not provide you with an invoice until we are in possession of the signed originals.  
The bonds will be released to the permittee through the “Permit Final Release Letter” at the completion of the project as long as the work covered by the bond endures without need of repair through the maintenance period.  If you are unable to obtain the required bonds, other options exist which may be applicable.  The City staff can give you more information on these options based on your particular situation.

Certificate of Insurance

Insurance is provided by either the permittee or the contractor performing the work.  The City must be a certificate holder and included as an additional insured on the certificate, as well as the permittee if insurance is provided by the contractor.  The coverage type required is General Liability with a minimum coverage amount of at least $1,000,000.00.  Valid insurance must be maintained throughout the construction and during the required maintenance period.

Acknowledgment Form for Third Party Materials Testing

Certain types of work require testing to be performed by a certified third party testing lab.  This is defined in the third party testing manual
The signed acknowledgment form (included as the last page of the Materials Testing Manual) allows the City’s inspection staff to be aware which lab will be performing the testing prior to starting any work.  If the testing lab changes at any point during the project, a new copy of form with the new testing lab should be provided by the permittee.

Additional Permits

In addition to your Land Development permit, permits may be required by other departments, such as Public Works, Parks, or Water Services.  Our staff will help get you in contact with the right staff members at those departments so you can also fulfill those requirements when needed.

Authorized Agent to Obtain Permits

Permittees can choose to use authorized agents to obtain permits.  We request written notification of the agent’s name prior to providing that person with any communication related to the permit.  We encourage the permittee and his or her agent to register on the Compass KC system (a registration guide can be found on the website). If we have difficulty dealing with an agent, we reserve the right to work directly with the permittee as needed to make sure that all of the City’s requirements are satisfied.

Please note that every project does not require all of the documents shown in this list (see a summary table below for general idea of work and documents required by the City).  Once the plan review portion of the City’s process is completed, we will notify you with the specific requirements for your project prior to obtaining a permit.  All of the documents can be uploaded on the Compass KC system.  You will save time during the permitting process if you upload all of the requested documents at one time to ensure a complete review.


Type of Work 3rd Party Testing Form Certificate of Liability Insurance  Performance Bond  Performance
and Maintenance

Remove & replace existing curb, sidewalk and drive approach

 Not required  REQUIRED  Not required  Not required
ADA ramps  Not required  REQUIRED  Not required  REQUIRED
      Public streets  REQUIRED  REQUIRED  Not Required  REQUIRED
      Storm sewers  REQUIRED  REQUIRED  Not Required  REQUIRED
    Sanitary sewers  REQUIRED  REQUIRED  Not Required  REQUIRED
     Stream buffers  Not Required  REQUIRED  Not Required REQUIRED
Traffic signals  Not Required  REQUIRED  REQUIRED  Not Required
Street lights  Not Required  REQUIRED  REQUIRED  Not Required

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The Land Development division is located on the fifth floor of City Hall and is open to the public for business from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

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