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Long Range Planning and Preservation

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The Division includes Long Range Planning, Historic Preservation, Demographic Research and Communication. The Historic Preservation group oversees nominations to the City and National Register of Historic Places; as well as, facilitating the Historic Preservation Commission. The demographic research group uses tailored U.S. Census data to meet customer requests. The Long Range Planning group works with property owners, developers, neighborhood groups, community agencies and local businesses to develop Area Plans for the City’s 18 geographic areas while maintaining the City’s comprehensive plan.

Contact Staff

  • City Planners – 16th Floor or call (816) 513-1500
  • Historic Preservation – 16th Floor or call (816) 513-2902 or email
  • Census Data/Forecasting – 16th Floor

Commitment to Customer Service

The Department strives to maintain the City’s Comprehensive plan and to that end, satisfied a City Council Policy to retain one planner for each Council District. The District Planners are available for Public meetings and to help foster adoption and implementation of the FOCUS and area plans.

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