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Medical Marijuana Regulations

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The City of Kansas City, Mo. City Council has approved a medical marijuana regulation ordinance to regulate medical marijuana businesses within the city limits. This ordinance was effective July 22, 2019. 

Are you interested in starting the application process for a medical marijuana business operation in the Kansas City, Mo. City Limits? Please complete all of the following steps:

  • Please open the following PDF, download it, and fill out the required information digitally: Zoning Clearance and Compliance Affidavit. *Please note- you must download the PDF to see the blanks you are required to fill out digitally.
  • Please produce a map indicating the location of the proposed Medical Marijuana Facility and the surrounding area. The map must show compliance with the distance requirements from schools, churches and day care centers as described in the Zoning and Development Code outlined in the ordinance. This map should be of great enough detail to show compliance with the distance requirements and should be marked to show the shortest path between the demarcation points that can be lawfully traveled by foot. 
  • Please produce an email with both of the attachments described above (Zoning Clearance and Compliance Affidavit and attached map indicating distance requirements are met) and send to:

Please Note:

*If you are applying for more than one facility location, you must complete the above steps for EACH location.

*Please allow at least three days for application processing. Your application will be sent back to you via email once it is processed.

City Medical Marijuana Regulations

  • All medical marijuana production facilities must be located at least 750 feet away from schools and at least 300 feet away from day-care facilities and churches.
  • Dispensaries must be located at least 300 feet away from schools, day-care facilities and churches.
  • Hours of operations for marijuana dispensary facilities must be between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Medical marijuana cultivation, manufacturing and distribution facilities must follow the city’s existing zoning codes as outlined in the ordinance.
  • Please see the medical marijuana regulation ordinance for all regulations.


In November 2018, Missouri voted to legalize medical marijuana in the State of Missouri. You can read the state regulations here: Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulations.