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Minor Subdivisions

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The City Planning and Development Department has updated the Minor Subdivision process and forms for a lot split, lot consolidation and lot line adjustments.

The following information bulletin is furnished for the purpose of expediting the City’s review of minor subdivisions issued by the City Planning and Development Department. Approval of the plans depends upon the accuracy and completeness of the submitted plans by the owner’s design professionals. Please use the checklist to insure completeness of the submittal:

This information bulletin contains four parts as follows:

  1. IB168 Part A Minor Subdivision Process Introduction
  2. IB168 Part B Minor Subdivision Process (requirements and contacts)
  3. IB168 Part C Minor Subdivision Application
  4. IB168 Part D Minor Subdivision Resubmittal

The Process

  • Applicants are required to make contact with Development Management Division (DMD) prior to submitting a minor subdivision application (contact information is within Part B). The initial contact will determine whether the proposed minor subdivision is simple and may move on to review or if there are concerns which require additional staff review.
  • If it is determined the request is simple (meaning without any right-of-way, easements or illegal lot issues, etc.) then the applicant will submit an application to the Plans Management Branch (PMB) on the 5th floor.
  • If it is determined the request has possible issues that need to be reviewed / resolved, then a pre-application meeting will be scheduled on the next DRC agenda. Minor Subdivisions will be scheduled at 8:30 AM to ensure a more predictable time for the applicant. DMD will create the Compass KC permit to assign the permit/project number and to allow documentation of the staff’s recommendations.
  • Once an application is submitted through the PMB, all plans will be distributed to the appropriate groups and a review will be made and plan review comments entered into Compass KC within 10 working days.
  • If revisions are required, the submittal will be made to the PMB and the plans redistributed. The review time will be 5 working days.

Online Data Access: All permit processes, from initial application through final decision may be monitored online on Compass KC. Once you have submitted your application for review, the assigned project number may be used to access all related records. The direct phone number and email link for the staff member associated with each activity sign-off are provided for easy reference.