Public Engagement Process Improvements

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Due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, anyone who has a project that must meet the public engagement ordinance by holding a meeting during the Mayor's emergency declaration shall do two things 1) set up a video conference or teleconference in-lieu of an in-person meeting, and 2) send additional documentation with their notices, including plans and a description of the project/proposal.  Please read the associated city ordinance that details this change here: Ordinance 200226

 The City Planning and Development Department has improved the public engagement process for new development projects. A code amendment to the public engagement process was adopted in Summer 2019 and is effective October 1, 2019.  Read the adopted changes in the ordinance here: Public Engagement Ordinance. 

The Process

If you have or intend to file an application for special use permit, rezoning, preliminary plat, or development plan public engagement in the form of a neighborhood meeting is required.

  1. Determine if the property lies within a registered neighborhood or civic organization.
    • Use our parcel viewer tool to do this by typing in the property address or panning and zooming to the property and selecting it. Then select "Neighborhood and Homes Associations" from the table in the left margin.
    • If the resulting window lists none OR two or more associations you may host the neighborhood meeting yourself (see Step 2 below).
    • If the resulting window lists only one association you must collaborate with that association to arrange the required neighborhood meeting.
      • You can select the neighborhood listed in the window which will open a separate window with contact information for the association. To initiate collaboration, complete the Notice of Application form and mail it via non-signature certified mail and email (if available) to all contacts for the association. A completed copy of this notice should also be emailed to The two parties should collaborate regarding the preferred meeting host (association or applicant), date, time and meeting location as well as any special needs of the neighborhood (such as an interpreter, etc.).  Following collaboration but no later than 10 calendar days following the postmark date of the notice of application, the association shall respond to the applicant and to with confirmation of the meeting date, time and location.
  2. Arrange and Host the Neighborhood Meeting
    • Using the Public Meeting Notice form, the applicant shall send notice of the neighborhood meeting to all owners of property within 300 feet of the subject property (property proposed for development) at least 10 calendar days prior to the meeting date. A copy of this notice shall be uploaded as an attachment by the applicant to the case in CompassKC by the same date or staff will continue the case from the scheduled city plan commission hearing date.
    • After the meeting, but no more than six calendar days prior to the city plan commission hearing, the applicant shall upload a completed copy of the “Sign in Sheet and Meeting Summary” as an attachment to the plan case in CompassKC.

 Testimony Provided to City Plan Commission

A copy of the completed Sign in Sheet and Meeting Summary will be provided by staff to the City Plan Commission to serve as evidence that the public engagement ordinance has been satisfied.

Any citizen and association may provide additional testimony at the hearing or in writing by the same deadline (six calendar days prior to the hearing date) by emailing such testimony, addressed to the City Plan Commission, to Staff will provide this testimony to the Commission.

Required Correspondence Forms

The following forms should be used as you work through the new required public engagement process. Please read and complete ALL of the following steps:

  • Notice of Application- Please use this template for your letter notifying adjacent property owners of your pending project application with the city. This letter must be sent to property owners within 300 feet of your project address, as well as any other registered contacts for neighborhood organizations associated with the project address. 
  • You must send written confirmation of the selected meeting host to as soon as possible after your host is determined.
  • Public Meeting Notice- Use this form to send invites to your neighborhood public meeting.
  • Sign in Sheet and Meeting Summary- Use this sign in template at your neighborhood public meeting. Use the final page to complete and send a post-meeting summary to the city via email to