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CPD Records Request Guide:

Certificate of Occupancy

  • CPD also keeps Certificate of Occupancy records. The Certificate of Occupancy (CICO) provides the following information about a parcel or project:
    • Project area and height
    • Occupancy group and construction type
    • Zoning district and code information
    • Building permits
    • Other permits associated with the property
  • The fee for a copy of a previously issued CICO is $33.00. In addition to the $33.00 charge for the certificate, there is also a charge for labor and copies requested. Please use our Sunshine Law Request Page to make your request.

Records Search Using Compass KC

Customers can access most of the permit records on properties dating back to 1986 on the Compass KC permitting system. Go to the Compass KC page to learn how to search for permits or plans.

Records Search Using KCMO Parcel Viewer

Access Zoning, Mapping and Additional Parcel Information

Zoning Compliance Letter

  • If this is a request for a zoning compliance letter please apply online through CompassKC our online permit portal. Simply click the "Apply Permit/Plan button and use the search feature to search "Zoning Compliance Letter" and choose that option. The Zoning Compliance Letter provides the following parcel information:
    Zoning Use and Zoning Violations, Building Code Violations, Permits Records, Certificate of Occupancy.

    The fee for a Zoning Compliance Letter is $143.00. The turnaround time is 15 working days from receipt of the request and fee payment. The fee is per parcel requested.