Budget Process – Adopted Budget

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Budget Adoption

The Budget ProcessIn accordance with the City Charter, the City Manager prepares the budget considering the adopted five-year financial plan and transmits the budget to the Mayor and City Council on or before the second regular meeting of the City Council in February. A date for a public hearing on the budget is set at the time the budget is reported to the City Council. This date must not be later than the second City Council meeting in March. The Finance and Governance Committee of the City Council will hold at least one public hearing on the budget ordinance. The committee may hold other community forums to receive input on the proposed budget. At the fourth meeting in March, the City Council adopts the annual budget. The budget ordinance requires a majority of affirmative votes.

Amending the Budget

The Council may pass ordinances that modify appropriations after the passage of the annual appropriation ordinance. The Director of Finance must certify that a sufficient unappropriated balance remains in the fund from which appropriations increase.

After passage of the annual appropriation ordinance, upon recommendation of the Director of Finance, the Council may, by ordinance, authorize the transfer of unencumbered balances appropriated for one department to any other department. An unencumbered balance appropriated for one purpose may be transferred to another purpose within a department upon the approval of the department head and subject to the certification of available funds by the Director of Finance. Additionally, an unencumbered balance appropriated to a department for a specific purpose may be transferred to any other department for the same purpose within the same fund upon approval of the respective department heads and subject to the certification of available funds by the Director of Finance.

FY 2020-21 Budget Calendar

City Manager meets with Department Directors to establish objectives to meet the Mayor and City Council's Goals and Objectives for the Citywide Business Plan June 21, 2019
Citywide Business Plan - Public Engagement Sessions August 2019
Budget and performance management system opens September 3, 2019
Citywide Business Plan submitted to the Mayor and City Council September 19, 2019

Department Budget Submittal completed in Fund KC

Decision Packages entered in FundKC

Performance Plans Completed

Department Final Revenues entered in FundKC

Department Charge Ins/Outs entered in FundKC and detail

submitted to Budget

October 19, 2019
Budget Memo/Packets due to the Budget Officer October 19, 2019
Citywide Business Plan adopted by the Mayor and City Council  October 24, 2019
Departmental Meetings with City Manager to discuss performance plans and the FY 2020-21 Budget Requests November 19-21, 2019
Park Board sets Trafficway, Boulevard, and Parkway assessments and levy rates (Tentative) January 21, 2020
Budget submitted to the Mayor and City Council February 13, 2020
Public Budget Hearings February - March 2020

 Budget and Tax Ordinances introduced 

(Legally required March 5)

 February 27, 2020
 Department Budget Presentations (Tentative)

February 27, 2020 &

March 5, & 12 2020

 Finance, Governance, and Public Safety Committee

hearings on the Budget

 March 4 & 18 2020
 Budget Adopted by City Council  March 26, 2020