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Budget Process – City Goals

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The Budget ProcessThe City’s strategy for success begins with guiding principles, stated as the City’s vision and mission. From there the Citywide Business plan details how the vision and mission of the City will be realized by setting goals, outlining objectives, and identifying metrics to track progress and success. The Budget Process creates actions around the Citywide Business plan, providing resources to accomplish the six City Goals adopted by City Council in the plan. The Budget steers the City’s operations each year to achieve goals, which serve the mission and vision of Kansas City.

Vision Statement

“Our local government will be nationally known for its transformative efforts that make Kansas City the diverse and sustainable community of choice for people to live, work, and play as a result of its safety; vibrant neighborhoods; business, educational, and cultural opportunities; connectedness; and vitality.”

Mission Statement

“The mission of the City of Kansas City, Missouri is to deliver quality, customer-focused municipal services with an emphasis on public safety, neighborhood livability, job creation, responsible planning for economic growth, infrastructure improvements, transportation systems, public health, and the environment. In pursuit of this mission, we use data to make decisions and measure progress based on economic, social, and environmental factors.”

City Goals

The City Council’s Goals serve as the policy framework for developing the City’s Annual Budget. These goals are essentially the priorities of the city, and guide decisions about neighborhoods, jobs, taxes, capital improvements, public safety and much more.

Customer Service and Communications
To create an internal culture that focuses on the customer across all services provided by the City, supports essential internal and external communication, and fosters public engagement.

Finance and Governance
To be transparent and employ best practices in governance and management, and strengthen, expand, and make judicious use of Kansas City’s economic resources to achieve and maintain solvency and build resilience.

Neighborhoods and Healthy Communities
To support the development, maintenance, and revitalization of sustainable, stable, and healthy communities in which neighborhoods are safe and well maintained; people have access to health care services; strategies are in place to prevent injuries and illnesses; and the environment is protected.

To sustain the City’s diverse housing for all income groups through strategic planning and well-designed developments, with an emphasis on revitalizing aging neighborhoods.

Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development
To develop a vibrant economy where there is opportunity for job creation, entrepreneurship, and growth, particularly in historically underdeveloped areas; all citizens have opportunities for creating wealth and prosperity; and visitors continue to consider Kansas City a desirable destination.

Public Safety
To protect Kansas City residents, visitors, and employees by providing comprehensive, high quality public safety and public health services, including strategies to prevent or significantly reduce public safety and public health problems and threats in a timely manner.

Transportation and Infrastructure
To improve the City’s physical infrastructure with special attention to streets, curbs, sidewalks, and water/sewer systems, and strengthen the multi-modal transportation system in ways that enhance connectivity among neighborhoods, business centers, and cultural/health/recreational destinations.