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Departmental Strategic Objectives

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The Budget ProcessStrategic Objectives are identified within each City Goal. These objectives define initiatives and actions that will be taken in order to accomplish the City Goals, as well as standards by which success will be measured. Simply, the Strategic Objectives are the instructions to actually achieving each goal. City Departments develop Strategic Objectives, which are then considered and adopted by the City Council within each City Goal. These Goals and Objectives are reassessed each year, through Citywide Business Planning, to keep the City moving forward.

City Goals, Objectives, & Key Performance Indicators

The Measures of Success are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to track the City’s progress toward ensuring success in each Goal. New targets are set each year for KPIs to maintain high standards that keep the City striving to improve.

City Goal – Finance & Governance
City Goal – Neighborhoods and Healthy Communities
City Goal – Housing
City Goal – Planning, Zoning and Economic Development
City Goal – Public Safety
City Goal – Transportation and Infrastructure
City Goal – Customer Service and Communication