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Tax Guide for Construction

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This guide is intended for use by construction businesses engaged in building, erecting, repairing, remodeling or otherwise constructing or reconstructing houses, buildings, sidewalks, streets, bridges or other structures of every type in Kansas City, Missouri. This also includes contracting with others for the performance of any such work.

Construction businesses must be registered and licensed to do business in Kansas City, Missouri. The first step is to submit a Registration Application (Form RD-100).

Form RD-100 can be submitted electronically on Quick Tax or in person to the Business License Office at 1118 Oak Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64106. A Zoning Clearance is required for a construction business located in Kansas City, Missouri.  

Construction businesses with more than five employees must also submit a Workers' Compensation Certificate of Insurance from their insurance company with Form RD-100. Construction businesses with five or less employees are exempt from this requirement and must instead submit Form RD-WC.

Once the application is processed, the appropriate tax accounts will be created and you will receive a notice listing your account numbers to reference on returns you file and when communicating with the Revenue Division.

Before you can get a building permit to begin your project you must get a business license. You also need a business license prior to being awarded a bid for a City project.