Public Relations Office Goal:  To provide information to the general public in a timely and accurate fashion.

When firefighters respond to a fire, flood, medical emergency or emergency rescue, this office reports information through electronic and print media. Cooperative efforts with television, radio, newspaper and the Public Relations Department have allowed the public to be “at the scene” and view first-hand what is happening. News media and KCFD have worked together on several occasions to promote fire safety and the proper response during flooding, biological threats and other significant events.

Building strong relationships in the community has always been a tradition of the City of Kansas City, Mo., Fire Department. Over the years, countless businesses and non-profit groups have partnered with KCFD to provide for the well-being of our residents. Through our partners’ generous donations and support with public education programs, every person in Kansas City benefits by having a better knowledge about fire safety and a greater chance of surviving a fire.

KCFD's central values include:

  • Pride in our profession
  • Honor for our heritage and traditions
  • Courage to accept any challenge
  • Commitment to personal service in every encounter we make

To fulfill this commitment, we encourage a personal meeting with your firefighters and allowing us to tell you who we are and what we are about.