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KCMO Online Contract Ad Search App

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KCMO Online Contract Ad Search AppThe KCMO Online Contract Ad Search app was created to provide instant access to businesses who are interested in finding out what opportunities that are currently out for bid. The mobile application will navigate you to KCMO Planroom for all construction opportunities can be viewed. To keep up with the demand of the public and being transparent by having instant access will allow the public to always have access for all bidding opportunities with the City of Kansas City.

This new app will make every step of the process easier to access–no longer will one have to be tied to a desk, searching for opportunities to bid, or simply looking at the website for information about the process. No matter where a person is—at a job site, at a desk, on an airplane—the app makes available everything anyone needs. Now, information can be quickly shared, improving the supply chain process and saving time and money. People interested in bidding on City projects will have all the information they need literally at their fingertips.

The mobile application can be downloaded via Google Play (Android) and the App Store. Search for the KCMO online contract ad search.