Office of Data Dissemination

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Procedure for Public Health Data Request

Our office has various data sources in-house and we know of many more. The best way to get a sense of the data we have available is to look at our reports, in particular the Community Health Assessment.

When requesting data or information from our office, it is helpful for you to provide us with the question(s) you need answered, the form or survey you are completing, instructions and definitions you receive from external agencies or the facts or issues being addressed. We are able to provide more accurate data by knowing the question(s) and/or the public health problem.

How to make a data request

1. Complete the data request form, found here.

2. Receive a follow up email within three business days. If you do not receive a follow up email, please contact

3. Get your data!

Data Request Policy

NOTE: Requests must be made by the person interested in the data. Please do not have a team-member or employee request data for you. Please allow at least 2 weeks (10 business days) for simple requests (5 or fewer metrics) and at least 1 month for more complex requests (more than 5 metrics)

Other sources of data

Public health data for Kansas City, MO may also be available on the Internet at the following locations:

Missouri Information for Communities

Kansas Information for Communities

KCMO Resident Insights Survey

National Vital Statistics Online

The Public Health Connection Newsletter: 

Series on Racism

Vol. 36 Issue 16: What Lies beneath Health Equity

Vol. 37 Issue 1: A Segregated Kansas City

Vol. 37 Issue 2: Still Separate, Still Not Equal

Vol. 38 Issue 1.1: American Dream

Vol. 38 Issue 1.2: Social Capital

Other Statistical Publications