Contract Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What services does the Contract Compliance offer?

    Contract Compliance offers contractor training, prevailing wage monitoring, compliance, enforcement, Section 3 monitoring, and Minority, Women, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise oversight.

  • How do I file a prevailing wage complaint?

    If you know of a prevailing wage violation, there are several ways to report it. You may call the Human Relations Department, Prevailing Wage Compliance Section at (816) 513-1836, visit our office and fill out a complaint form, or send an email with as many details as possible, and someone will contract you.

  • How much should the contractor pay me for working on a City job?

    The amount a contractor pays a worker depends on the wage order, which is part of the contract. The Prevailing Wage Law requires a contractor to post wage rates on site so that all workers have access to them. If there is no wage order posted at your construction site, please contact our office at (816) 513-1836.

  • How long does it take to process a complaint?

    Managing a prevailing wage complaint could take 2-4 weeks to process, assign, and analyze. The complainant should expect to supply evidence to support all claims.

  • Where do I find the wage rate for the type of job I perform on the construction site?

    You can locate wage rates on the Annual Wage Order posted on your specific job site.

  • Should I have to pay back any money to my employer?

    No! A worker should never have to repay an employer for any reason. If your employer asks you to repay the money, please contact our office at (816) 513-1836.

  • What are the fringe benefits?

    A fringe benefit is a compensation, in addition to salary or wages, paid to a third party plan or fund, by the contractor, on behalf of the employee. Examples include health insurance, retirement plans, and life insurance. If an employee does not receive fringe benefits, paid to a third party plan or fund, the employer must pay this money in cash as a part of the entire compensation package.

  • Is there a different pay rate for overtime?

    Yes; however, each occupational title has specific guidelines for overtime and holiday pay. Please look at your annual wage order, posted on the work site, for information about each occupational title.

  • Do prevailing wage rates apply to demolition projects?

    Prevailing wage rates apply to construction work on all public work projects. Demolition of property does not constitute construction work unless a newly built structure replaces the demolished structure.

  • Is the owner required to pay himself prevailing wage rates?

    The prime and subcontractors must pay prevailing wage rates to all construction workers on public work projects.