Human Rights Commission

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The Human Rights Commission is a seven-member board appointed by the mayor. The commission is comprised of the following members:

  • Jan McQueeny, Chairman / Business and Labor Task Force
  • Christopher Huff and Mike Lewis, Religion Task Force
  • Eric Hurtt, Law Enforcement Task Force
  • Kelly Kendall, Gay and Lesbian Task Force
  • Eddie Lorenzo, Communications and Media Task Force
  • Nancy Olivares, Youth and Education Task Force

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Human Rights Commission Meetings

Public Human Rights Commission meetings are on the third Thursday of each month from noon to 2:00 PM. The Commission holds Taskforce, Administrative Hearings, and special meetings when necessary. The City Clerk’s Office publicizes all public Human Rights Commission meetings and the proposed meeting agenda. The Human Relations Commission holds its meetings at:

City of Kansas City, MO
Human Relations Department
City Hall, Training Conference Room, 4th floor
414 E. 12th St.
Kansas City, MO 64106

Human Rights Commission Administrative Hearings

The City’s civil rights ordinance permits the director of the Human Relations Department to refer cases to the Human Rights Commission to be set for administrative hearings. Cases are set for hearings, after the departments determine that there is allegedly probable cause that discrimination occurred, and were unable to facilitate an agreement between the parties.

A hearing examiner then conducts an administrative hearing. The hearing examiner may subpoena witnesses and has the same responsibilities and authority concerning discovery as circuit court judges. An attorney, at the hearing, may represent the defending party while the City Attorney represents the City’s interest. After the proceedings, the hearing examiner will make findings of fact and conclusions of law and may grant relief in the form of compensatory or punitive damages as is deemed necessary.