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City of Kansas City, MO Benefits Summary

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The City of Kansas City, MO offers a wide variety of comprehensive programs to its benefit eligible employees.

Benefits Eligibility and Contributions - Full-time regular employees and their qualified dependents are eligible for insurance coverage on the first of the month following a full month of qualified service. Employee contributions are made on a pre-tax basis according to Section 79 and 125 of the Internal Revenue Code and are withheld through payroll reduction.

Health Insurance –There is a choice of eight medical plans 3 HMOs, 1 PPO, 2 EPO plans and 2 High Deductible plans. The employee pays 10% of employee-only coverage, 15% of employee-plus-one-dependent coverage, and 20% of family coverage.

Dental Insurance – The City offers a choice of two voluntary dental plans. One plan is a DMO and the other is an indemnity plan.

Vision Insurance The City provides a free discount plan in addition to an employee-paid insurance plan. All eligible employees and their dependents that do not enroll in the insurance plan will automatically be enrolled in the VSP Access discount program. The benefits of t h e VSP Choice plan are greater.

Benefits Subsidy (CREDIT) – The City offers an additional benefit of paying $6.00 per month towards the premium of the employee’s choice among health, dental or vision insurance. 

Basic Term Life Insurance – The City provides one times [1x] the employee’s base annual salary, rounded to the highest $1000, in term life insurance coverage at no charge to the employee.

Supplemental Term Life Insurance – The employee may elect to purchase supplemental life insurance in $10,000 increments, from a minimum of $20,000 to a maximum of $200,000. Premiums are based on age and amount of insurance elected. Evidence of insurability is required when application for coverage is made after initial eligibility.

Long Term Care – The employee may elect to purchase long term care insurance. This benefit is designed to help with the cost of long term care services. This care could be provided in the home, in an assisted living or residential care facility or in a skilled nursing facility such as a nursing home.

Flexible Spending Accounts –Employees may participate in the medical spending, dependent care and transportation plans by designating that their salary be reduced tax-free by an amount of their choice. A debit card is issued allowing the purchase of qualified expenses up to the amount pledged for the year. 

Employee Health Care Trust Clinic – Employees and their dependents who are enrolled in the City’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City employer-sponsored health plan may choose to access the clinic’s many free services. Acute and follow-up care for common medical concerns and preventive services are available. Scheduled appointments and walk-ins are welcome. For appointment call 816-513-6001.

Employee Health Care Trust Medical Kiosk – Employees and their dependents who are enrolled in the City’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City employer-sponsored health plan may choose to access the kiosk’s many free services. Scheduled appointments and walk-ins are welcome during business hours - City Hall, 8th floor.  For appointment call 1-800-447-6890.



*Available to those employees not covered under a work agreement.

Executive Vacation Plan

*After 6 months of continuous service

2 weeks

After 1 year of continuous service

3 weeks

After 5 years of continuous service

4 weeks

After 10 years of continuous service

5 weeks and 2 days

After 15 years of continuous service

6 weeks


 *Available to those employees holding the classifications of City Manager, Department Director, Assistant City Manager III, City Clerk, City Auditor, Fire Chief and City Attorney


New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Veteran’s Day

Martin L. King’s Birthday

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day & Friday

President’s Day

Labor Day

Christmas Day

 * Work performed on the holidays for non-exempt, hourly employees, will be paid at 1½ times the regular hourly rate for the first shift and double time for additional hours.

Free Day-Regular employees will earn two (2) additional days of vacation (Free Day) each calendar year after six months of employment.  This time must be taken in a full work shift  and cannot be taken in increments. It must be used in the calendar year (January 1  through December 31) or it will be forfeited.

 Sick Leave-Employees earn 4.4 hours of sick leave for each pay period in which they receive 41 hours or more of compensation. This may be used for personal illness, injury, doctor appointments or to care for an ill or injured member of the employee’s immediate family. 

Funeral Leave-Regular employees receive a maximum of 36 duty hours to attend a funeral in their immediate family.

Paid Parental Leave-Eligible Employees may receive up to 6 weeks of Paid Parental Leave due to the birth of an employee’s child or the placement within an employee’s home of an adopted child. Employees must be eligible for Family Medical Leave in order to qualify. 

Jury Duty-Employees may receive special leave with pay when they are required to serve on a jury and the hours for jury duty conflict with the hours of their City work. 

Pension Plan-Eligible employees become members of the Kansas City, Missouri Employees’ Retirement System on the first day of employment. Employee pre-tax contributions of 5% of regular salary will be withheld from each paycheck. The City also contributes to the pension plan, which rewards long-term service. Specific benefits payable is determined by start date, length of service and final average compensation.

Deferred Compensation – In order to help employees save for retirement, the City offers a voluntary deferred compensation program which allows the employee, through pre-tax salary reduction, to place a percentage of salary, or a flat dollar amount, in a 457 investment program. Participation in the program can begin immediately after hire.

Payroll Direct Deposit – Employees may have their pay deposited electronically into their checking or savings account at their financial institution by completing a Direct Deposit Request Form.

Community Partnership Initiative – Subject to approval, regular full-time employees are eligible for up to eight hours paid leave each fiscal year to volunteer with area schools, including those of their children, or to volunteer with one of the City’s Combined Charity organizations.

Missouri Saving For Tuition (MO$T) – Contributions may be made through payroll direct deposit to an established account managed by TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing Inc. Missouri taxpayers can deduct up to $8,000 in contributions annually from their Missouri adjusted gross income. Earnings on contributions are exempt from Missouri state taxes if used for the qualified higher education expenses and are not subject to federal income tax until withdrawn.

Credit Union – Employees may join the Kansas City Credit Union which offers various accounts at attractive rates.  Contributions to the credit union can be made through direct deposit.

Kansas City Charity Campaign – The city provides the opportunity for employees to make charitable contributions by payroll deduction. City Council approved options include six federations and their affiliated agencies plus a number of unaffiliated local agencies. The annual pledge campaign in the fall establishes contributions for the following calendar year.