Frequently Asked Retiree Questions

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  • Retiree Information

    • Who do I notify if I move?

    • When are the monthly retirement checks mailed?

    • What if I don’t receive my check in the mail?

    • When will my monthly retirement benefit be deposited into my account?

    • How do I begin, change or cancel direct deposit of my monthly retirement benefit?

    • How do I change my tax withholding?

    • How do I change my pension beneficiary?

    • How do I start, stop or change a Kansas City Credit Union Deduction?

    • What are the regular business hours of the Retirement Division?

  • Retiree Insurance Information

    • When can I enroll in health, dental and vision insurance coverage?

    • When can I disenroll from health, dental and vision insurance coverage?

    • What is considered a qualifying Change in Family Status?

    • How do I obtain information on the Long-Term Care Plan offered by the City?

    • What happens if my spouse and I are covered on one of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City health plans and one of us becomes eligible for Medicare?

    • What type of plans are the Blue Medicare Advantage?

    • If I am enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan and I am Medicare eligible, do I have to also enroll in a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan?

    • What happens if I am enrolled in a Blue Medicare Advantage plan and I also enroll in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?

    • How do I find out if I qualify for assistance in paying for the Medicare prescription drug coverage that I have through Blue Medicare Advantage?

    • What do I do with a doctor bill that is being mailed to me when I know I don’t owe it?

    • How long can my children stay on my insurance coverage?