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Submit a Claim Against the City

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In order to file a claim against the City, one should:

  • Call: (816) 513-3126
  • Send a letter containing all pertinent information – especially contact information surrounding the claim to: Law Department, Attn: Claims, 23rd Floor City Hall, 414 E. 12th St., Kansas City, MO 64106, or
  • Submit a claim online

The Claims Unit handles claims asserted against the City for personal injury and property damage. The staff investigates the claims, determines if the City is liable under applicable law and negotiates claims when the City is deemed liable.

The Litigation Division represents the City, its officials and its employees in lawsuits in which the City is a party. Litigation Division attorneys regularly appear in state and federal trial courts as well as appellate courts. General litigators handle a broad range of lawsuits, including: employment, contract disputes, personal injury, property damage and civil rights.

In addition to General Litigation, the three other units in the Litigation Division are: Claims Unit, Workers’ Compensation Unit and Collections Unit.

Workers’ Compensation Unit

The Workers’ Compensation Unit is responsible for defending the City and the Kansas City Police Department in all injury claims filed by employees before the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. This unit is also charged with the responsibility of advising the Mayor, City Council and all City departments regarding the applicability and interpretation of the provisions of the workers’ compensation statute. (Chapter 287, RSMo.)

Collections Unit

The Collections Unit is dedicated to pursuing monies owed to the City. These monies derive from three main sources:

  • Past due water services bills
  • Past due City taxes
  • Past due tax assessments from the demolition and/or board up of a dangerous building

The Collections Unit is comprised of four attorneys, six paralegals and two legal secretaries.