Administration, Values, & Reports

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Our Administration

Our Mission

The mission of the Kansas City Municipal Court is to provide exceptional service by ensuring fair, timely and impartial judicial processing through innovation, efficiencies, and by addressing the underlying causes of recidivism.

The Kansas City Municipal Court aspires to be recognized-locally, nationally and internationally-as the most efficient and technologically advanced municipal court in existence that provides comprehensive services.

Our Core Values

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Our Goals

The goals of the Kansas City Municipal Court are as follows:
  1. Justice and Public Safety. To administer expedient and impartial justice while promoting public safety to the citizens of Kansas City, Missouri.
  2. Facility. To create a state-of-the-art court facility.
  3. Technology and Innovation. To be recognized as a national leader in technology and innovation.
  4. Communication and Partnerships. To enhance communication and partnerships in the administration of justice.
  5. Leadership and Staff Services. To maintain effective leadership and administrative staff services to meet and exceed the court’s short-term and long-term needs.