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Court Etiquette and Prohibited Items

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Court Etiquette 

Dress Appropriately

  • The Court is a place of business and visitors should wear clean, well-fitted clothes.
  • Shirt and shoes are required.
  • Please take hats off before entering any courtroom.

Note: The individual judge sets the dress code for their respective Division.

Food, Drinks and Smoking

  • Eating, drinking and gum chewing are not allowed in the courtrooms.
  • Smoking is not permitted


  • Silence phones or electronic devices
  • Taking pictures, making recordings and videotaping are prohibited in the courtrooms, corridors and stairways.


  • Remain quiet
  • Do not sleep or disrupt court proceedings.
  • Stay seated until your case is heard by the judge.

Prohibited Items

  • All weapons, tools and aerosol sprays are strictly prohibited from the building.
  • No alcohol will be allowed on the premises.
  • All prohibited items will be confiscated and the violator may be appropriately charged.
  • The Court will not store prohibited items for pickup.
  • Leave these items at home or in your vehicle.