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Drug Court

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Drug Court is an intensive, comprehensive, court-supervised treatment program for defendants who display signs of a chronic and severe substance use problem. The main focus of Drug Court is to help the participant improve their life and health by becoming free and clean of substance use.

Participants receive a minimum of 12 months intense treatment, including 21 days of inpatient treatment.  They must follow all treatment recommendations, attend self-help meetings, submit to weekly urinalysis (UA) testing, appear before the Drug Court judge as directed, and follow any other directives from the Drug Court team. Graduation ceremonies are held for those who successfully complete the program.

Contact the Drug Court Coordinator

Drug Court Referrals 

  • The process begins with a referral for a specialty court screening made by a judge, the prosecutor, the defense attorney or based on the type of charge.  Screening is conducted by our probation division to determine the most appropriate specialty court.
  • Participants must be represented by an attorney. The court will provide an attorney for participants who cannot afford one.  Participants may be required to fill out paperwork about their finances as part of this process.
  • If screening indicates Drug Court is appropriate, a full assessment will be scheduled to recommend inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment or intensive outpatient treatment.

Successful Completion

  • 6 months sobriety
  • Completion of treatment program
  • No offenses or convictions occurring within last 180 days
  • Stable living arrangement
  • Attending school, volunteering, or employed 

Criteria for Drug Court

  • Charged with a Kansas City Municipal Court offense that could result in jail time
  • The defendant will not qualify if they are charged with only non-jailable offenses or minor traffic violations.
  • Needs substance abuse treatment
  • Substance use is the primary factor if there also are co-occurring mental health issues
  • Willing to participate
  • Resides in the Kansas City metropolitan area
  • History of prior convictions or pending charge for violent crime will be discussed on an individual basis

Indicators that Drug Court treatment may be needed

  • Fails urinalysis (UA) testing while on probation
  • Charged with drug paraphernalia
  • Theft charges for stealing alcohol or drugs
  • Prostitution charges with drug paraphernalia or alcohol-related charges
    Charges stem from alcohol or drug use
  • Defendant, defense attorney, or witness statements
  • Contact the Drug Court Coordinator if you believe you or someone you know meets the criteria.