Probation Types and Supervision

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Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS)

  • The judge places you on probation but does not impose a sentence.
  • This is not a conviction.
  • When you successfully finish an SIS probation, your record becomes closed to the public.
  • If you violate probation, the full range of punishment is open to the judge.

Suspended Execution of Sentence (SES)

  • The judge sentences you to a jail term but suspends that sentence and places you on probation instead of sending you to jail.
  • This is a conviction and will remain a public record.
  • If you violate probation, the judge may revoke your probation, but only can send you to jail for the amount of time of the preset sentence.


If the judge places you on probation, you will be ordered to complete either supervised probation or court supervised probation

  • Supervised probation: Meet regularly with a probation officer as well as complete other probation conditions
  • Court supervised probation: You do not have to meet regularly with a probation officer but still must complete your probation conditions.

Did you know?

The Municipal Court probation office processes 15,000 to 20,000 new probation cases a year. Its probation officers meet with offenders who the court orders to report to them regularly, and monitors whether all Municipal Court probationers are following the conditions of their release. Other duties of the probation office include conducting drug testing, arranging court-ordered classes and reviewing counseling and treatment agency reports. The office also helps probationers in need secure housing, job training and medical care.