Veterans Treatment Court

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Veterans Treatment Court (Vet Court) is a joint program between Municipal Court and the Kansas City Veterans Administration Medical Center (VA). The two groups have partnered to offer United States military veterans the chance to take part in treatment and services through the VA instead of receiving a “standard” sentence for their case. The program is voluntary. Veterans are not required to participate in Vet Court and may choose to have their case go through the usual process.

Vet Court Referrals

  • The individual is identified as a veteran
  • At their first court appearance, the judge will refer them to specialty court screening for Vet Court
  • Participants must be represented by an attorney. The court will provide an attorney for participants who cannot afford one. They may be required to provide fill out paperwork regarding their finances as part of this process.
  • If initial screening shows the participant meets the criteria, their case will be transferred from the regular court docket to Vet Court.
  • The participant will have an opportunity to observe a Vet Court docket and consult with their attorney.
  • If the participant and their attorney agree the program is for them, the individual will be referred for further assessment by the VA.

You may qualify if you:

Are charged with a Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court violation that could result in jail time if found guilty

Have a substance use problem and/or mental health diagnosis that require supportive services

Are willing to participate in treatment services through the Kansas City VA Medical Center

Are willing to participate in the Vet Court’s program that will last a minimum of 12 months

The Municipal Court makes the final decision on eligibility for Vet Court.

Contact the Vet Court Coordinator or Kelly McDaniel, the Veterans Justice Outreach Coordinator at the VA at 816-861-4700 x. 55649 or 816-835-0119.