Common Code Violations

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Many of the most common residential code violations in Kansas City are easily fixable with a little effort – the goal of code enforcement is not to levy fines and take people to court, but to obtain compliance and improve the quality of our neighborhoods. If you see any of these problems around your house or properties you own, do yourself a favor and take care of them before we have to send you a warning letter!

If you wish to report a code violation, contact 311.

Nuisance Code Violations (generally allows 10 days for correction; continued violation may result in abatement by the City at your expense)

  • Litter, trash, and rubbish (bagged or scattered)
  • Rank weeds and grass (over 10″ in height)
  • Fallen limbs or brush from greenery
  • Open/inappropriate storage of items such as interior furniture outdoors
  • Parking in unapproved location (such as on the grass) or without proper vehicle license
  • Graffiti (owner of the property is responsible for cleanup)
  • Hazardous tree or limbs

Look up nuisance code violations by address or case number.

Property Maintenance Code Violations (generally allows 30 days for correction)

  • Failure to register vacant property
  • Peeling, cracked, or blistered paint/damaged siding/exterior surface not protected from weather (including unpainted boards used to secure broken windows)
  • Building not secured against unauthorized entry, such as broken or missing windows or doors on the first floor (must be secured immediately)
  • Broken, cracked, or missing panes on any window
  • Failure to obtain a permit for rental property (now managed by the Health Department)
  • Gutters, eaves, soffits, or fascia boards in disrepair
  • Fence or retaining wall in disrepair