Nuisance Abatement Program

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The Nuisance Abatement Program helps handle the backlog of nuisance code violations in our neighborhoods, particularly mowing of rank weeds. As funds allow, mowing and trash abatement jobs are issued (weekly during the summer and as needed in other  seasons) to contractors for properties that are not cleaned up in an appropriate amount of time by the property owner. The owner is then assessed for the cost of the abatement work performed, plus an administrative fee. The program also mows and cleans the Land Bank (formerly Land Trust) lots in the city, and several hundred city-owned lots (not parks or boulevards, which are handled by Parks & Recreation).

Questions about the Nuisance Abatement program should be directed to (816) 513-3600. If you are interested in becoming an abatement contractor, please contact Keely Golden in General Services’ Procurement Division.

2017 Update

Funds are still available as of January 1 and work orders for egregious violations are being issued after referral from inspectors. Only the ‘worst’ properties are being abated at this time, to allow remaining funds to stretch to the end of the fiscal year (April 30), now that trash hauling is largely being handled by the Solid Waste Division rather than individual contractors.


The Land Bank of Kansas City, Missouri has arranged for neighborhoods to adopt the vast majority of the more than 4,400 Land Bank (formerly Land Trust) properties to ensure that regular maintenance occurs; private contractors will make up the balance. Certain City-owned properties not maintained by other departments (mostly residential lots, not parks or boulevards) are also cleaned through these same contracts, as funds allow.

If you have a question about a Land Bank lot near you, please contact Inspector Arnold Wilkes at (816) 513-9020 or