Neighborhood Watch

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Neighborhood Watch is based in the idea that there is strength in numbers. When neighbors (or neighboring businesses, or those who live in apartments next door) look out for each other, everyone benefits and is safer. Criminal activity often occurs because there are no witnesses, or at least no witnesses willing to report what is going on. If neighbors look out for each other, criminals will often stop or find another area to operate in. If their ‘work’ is too hard across the entire community, then it becomes easier for them to obtain what they need through more legitimate needs.

The City and the Police Department each offer related-but-different training sessions on Neighborhood Watch, both based largely in the National Sheriffs’ Association program that started in the 1970’s. It has been revised and expanded in the years since, so even if you have had Neighborhood Watch in your area before and let it lapse, our office can help you get restarted better than ever! Existing groups can also schedule refresher training or bring their new members up to speed.

For more information or to schedule a presentation by the City, please contact Sarah Cecil at (816) 513-3036 or If you wish to also have a Crime Prevention Officer from KCPD assist with your training, please contact them directly via your Patrol Division office.