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Business Vehicle Licenses and Forms

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The Regulated Industries Division is responsible for inspecting all taxicab vehicles, livery vehicles, pedicabs and sightseeing vehicles that are permitted to pick up passengers within the city limits of Kansas City, Missouri. This includes more than 500 taxicab vehicles, 200 livery vehicles, two dozen horse-drawn carriages and a small number of pedicab vehicles. The permitting process includes Transportation Network Companies (TNC) like Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing or ride-sharing services that use smart phone apps to find rides. Additionally, each driver is licensed before being allowed to drive a vehicle-for-hire.

Vehicular License Forms

Applications Checklists Fees
Application for taxicab, livery, pedicab, sightseeing vehicle permit

Checklist for new (or sale of) taxicab company

Checklist for new (or sale of) sightseeing company

See fee schedule
Checklist for new (or sale of) pedicab company
Checklist for new (or sale of) livery company
See fee schedule
Application for vehicle-for-hire driver certificate

Checklist for taxi driver’s certificate

Checklist for new sightseeing, livery or pedicab driver’s certificate

Checklist for renewal of vehicle-for-hire driver permit

$51 or $16
Application for non-profit vehicle-for-hire driver permit

Checklist for non-profit vehicle for hire driver’s certificate

Checklist for renewal of vehicle-for-hire driver permit

$51 or $16
Livery Fleet Addition or Replacement Request Form
$250 or $8
Vehicle-for-hire accident report form
Vehicle-for-hire inspection request form

Citizen Information Forms for Download

Taxicab Hotline and Rate Information
Taxicab Passenger Bill of Rights

Public Safety and Background Checks

The public safety of all citizens who reside in or visit the Kansas City, Missouri is very important to us; therefore Regulated Industries conducts background checks on everyone who applies for a driver’s certificate for the purpose of operating a vehicle-for-hire within the city limits. A driver’s certificate will not be issued to anyone who has been convicted or found guilty of:

  • First or second degree murder
  • First degree arson
  • First degree assault
  • Forcible rape
  • Forcible sodomy
  • Kidnapping
  • First degree robbery
  • Voluntary manslaughter
  • First degree assault of a law enforcement officer
  • First or second degree child molestation
  • Sexual misconduct involving a child
  • First, second, or third degree sexual misconduct
  • Sexual abuse, or anyone who is now or has ever been registered as a sexual offender with any state, county or local government.