Tenant University is a program within the Neighborhood Housing Services Department in the City of Kansas City, Missouri dedicated to educating tenants on the CKC ordinances and their rights and responsibilities as tenants.

What is the goal of Tenant University?

  • Learning how to communicate effectively with neighbors and landlords
  • How the eviction process works
  • How the moving-in and out of rental units in a professional manor
  • Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy home
  • Understanding the Fair Housing laws
  • What to do if conflict arises with your landlord or neighbors
  • What a nuisance violation is (Chapter 48)

Why participate in Tenant University?

  • Gain a better understanding of how local government functions
  • Participate and interact with knowledgeable staff to better learn and understand how Neighborhoods and Housing Services operates
  • Help improve the quality of life for Kansas City residents
  • Build a livable, sustainable community
  • Learn about volunteer opportunities in city government 

Sessions provided… Nuisance Violations: Chapter 48, Fair Housing, Rental Lease 101