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How to Claim Your Vehicle at the Tow Lot

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The Tow Lot is located at 7750 E. Front St., just east of I-435 in the Northeast Industrial District.

All vehicles towed by the City are stored there, where they either can be reclaimed by the owner or eventually sold by the City to help recoup the cost of operations. If you are not sure if your vehicle is at the Tow Lot, please check online first. If your vehicle is at the City’s Tow Lot, bring the correct paperwork and form of payment listed below to avoid further delays.

If you have questions, call (816) 513-0670.


The Tow Lot is open six days a week, except for City holidays and Sundays:

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm
    (on auction days, bidder registrations begin at 8:00 AM)
    Saturdays: 9:00am - 3:00pm

To reclaim an impounded vehicle from the Tow Lot, you must bring the following items:

  • A money order, cashier’s check or credit card to pay the tow fees — no cash or personal/business checks are accepted. If paying by credit card, the card’s owner must be present.
  • Vehicle title or current registration (can be retrieved from the vehicle if necessary). If the vehicle was purchased more than 30 days ago and the title/registration is not yet completed, the vehicle will not be released. The new owner must register it at the DMV first and bring in the new paperwork.
  • Photo ID (if someone other than the owner is picking up the vehicle, this ID must be for the person picking it up)
  • An unexpired driver’s license (if driving the vehicle away). If the owner does not have a valid driver?s license, he or she must be accompanied by someone who does. Vehicles can also be towed away if undriveable.
  • To retrieve a vehicle on behalf of the owner, you must have a current signed and notarized letter (signed and notarized within five business days of the vehicle pick up date) authorizing you to pick up the vehicle, in addition to the above requirements. The notarized letter must identify the vehicle by make, model, year and VIN.
  • Vehicles not picked up within 24 hours of the release date and time will accrue storage beginning from that original release date and time at the expiration of the 24 hour grace period.

Vehicles that are not claimed will be sold at auction to recover storage costs.

Tow Fees

Tow Classification Tow Fee Storage Fee If Reported Stolen
Normal/light-duty tows
(up to 10,000 lbs. in weight)
$265 $30/day, waived if picked up within 24 hours $120 tow fee, 4 days storage waived
Medium-duty tows
(10,001 to 26,000 lbs.)
$365 $40/day, waived if picked up within 24 hours $225 tow fee, 4 days storage waived
Heavy-duty tows
(over 26,000 lbs. in weight, or if special equipment is needed for towing)
$440 plus $145/hour after first hour $70/day, waived if picked up within 24 hours $275 tow fee plus hourly rate, 4 days storage waived

* The Tow Lot is closed for City-observed holidays, including the Friday after Thanksgiving. Vehicles towed the day before a holiday and picked up on the day the tow lot re-opens will also have their storage fees waived as if it had been a single 24-hour period.

* Storage fees will be waived within the first 24 hours beginning from the time of the initial tow.

* If your vehicle is towed the day before a holiday or on a holiday, storage for the holiday will be waived if picked up within the 24 hour time frame from when the vehicle was originally towed. Check AutoReturn to find out what time your vehicle was towed. If you need further assistance please call 816-513-0689 .

Example: A vehicle which is towed Monday at 2:45pm (holiday is Tuesday) must be picked up by 2:45pmon Wednesday which is the next business day the tow lot is opened after the holiday. If the vehicle is picked up before 2:45pm on Wednesday, the corresponding tow fees will apply but no storage. If the vehicle is picked up after 2:45pm Wednesday, the corresponding tow and storage fees will apply for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.