Vehicle Auctions

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A public vehicle auction is held at the Tow Lot on the third Tuesday of each month to sell unclaimed vehicles, as well as surplus public fleet vehicles. Registration begins at 8:00 AM and closes at 11:00 AM. Bidding begins at 10:00 AM Auction vehicles may be viewed on the day of the auction by registered bidders. Bidders are not allowed to enter or sit in vehicles. No guests or children are allowed entry to the auction area.

Auction List

Requirements for Bidders

  • You must be 18 years old and have a photo ID to register for the auction.
  • You must pay for your vehicles by 4:30 PM the day of the auction – no exceptions will be made.
  • You must remove purchased vehicles by 4:00 PM on the Friday following the auction.
  • Individuals who purchase more than nine vehicles may have until 4:00 PM on the Sunday following the auction to remove their vehicles.
  • A $30 storage fee (per vehicle, per day) will be assessed for any vehicles left beyond these times.
  • You may not give your bidder number to anyone; your registration is not transferable.

Anyone who does not abide by these requirements may be barred from future auctions.

Other Details

The City does not guarantee title to these vehicles. A bill of sale will be mailed to all purchasers within 30 days of the auction; a $10 fee will be charged for issuing a duplicate bill of sale. A guide for titling these vehicles has been prepared for your use.

Anyone wishing to purchase “salvage-only” vehicles will be required to provide proof of current salvage/dealer’s license at the time of auction registration.